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Dive Into the Modern Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services


Cloud Analytics Modernization

Don't wait until your pump is coughing up sand, Empire Pump Corp offers SafeNet Monitoring to provide pertinent information that is vital to the health and wealth of your system. Our trained technicians will monitor your site and provide alerts to help you make the most informed decisions regarding service calls and pump maintenance. 


Flow sensing

Empire Pump Corp. offers SafeNet Monitoring to provide reliable protection for your well system. With a flow sensor installed, you can rest assured that your well system is being monitored 24/7, providing real-time alerts of any changes in flow rates. This allows for immediate corrective action to be taken, ensuring that your well system is running efficiently and safely.

Well Depth & Draw down

A SafeNet Monitoring System from Empire Pump Corp. helps to understand your well depth and draw down. This provides the benefit of accurately monitoring water levels, enabling informed decisions about water usage and conservation. Additionally, this system can help to identify potential issues that could affect the life of your water supply.


Tank monitoring

The SafeNet Monitoring System from Empire Pump Corp. provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring your tank levels, pressure settings, and flow of water in to the tank. This system helps to ensure the safety of your equipment and helps to prevent costly downtime due to unexpected changes in system performance. It also provides real-time data and alerts to help you keep track of your tank levels and pressure settings, so that your system is always running at its optimal level.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Empire Pump Corp. SafeNet Monitoring System is your go-to source for enhancing and maintaining the performance of your well system. Our skilled team can retrofit to any existing design or create one from scratch, making us the best choice in understanding and monitoring your well system.

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